Use Our Digital Outdoor Displays To Connect Your Brand With Audiences

Our Digital Advertising Screens Inspire Action

With the scale of digital advertising screens in today’s modern marketing, DOOH technology provides an exciting platform where brands and businesses are no longer restricted to static copy. Today’s digital advertising screens allow for tactical, real-time, responsive campaigns on a global scale.


Black Chariot Promomedia builds and installs cutting-edge digital advertising screens combined with DOOH technology to yield results and create unmatched brand experiences. We are positioned to work with direct businesses, agencies, etc. Thereby supplying and installing screens, creating engaging content, and providing affordable and bespoke advertising packages.


Our Digital Signage Content Captures Attention

You do not need to keep the same content for weeks, keep your content refreshing and captivating for your audiences. Black Chariot Promomedia offers digital signage content that captures the attention of audiences.


We are poised at Creating a dynamic, imaginative and visually appealing advert which is crucial to a successful DOOH campaign and a lot of careful consideration goes into making top-quality, eye-catching content and as a digital signage content provider, we are able to help you create an ad that will attract the attention of your audience.


We Offer Affordable Digital Advertising

Here at Black Chariot Promomedia we have a fresh & new approach to digital outdoor advertising, unlike bigger advertising giants, we don’t offer off the shelf prices. We can design flexible and cost-effective packages- making affordable digital advertising accessible to everyone. We like to listen to our client’s ideas and requirements and put together bespoke DOOH packages that not only deliver results but match your budget.


We can put together short term or long-term campaigns that are shown at different times of the day or during the weekend based on your budget, then type of DOOH media of your choice and who your target audience is for your campaign.


Let us help you influence your audience in real-time.

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